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The God Journey – NONES and DONES


This week I caught up with listening to the God Journey guys on their podcast. This episode is helpful not only to those exploring spiritualty beyond the Sunday Event, but it also explores the major change going on in the way people follow Jesus.

Highly recommended listening.

From their blog:

Where have all the people gone? Pew Research announced a couple of years ago about the rise of the “Nones”, those who no longer claim any religious affiliation. Now, there’s a growing conversation about the rise of the “Dones”, those who are leaving traditional Sunday morning congregations to find more authentic expressions of community. Research shows that these maintain a deep passion for God, but that it is unlikely that they will ever return. Brad joins Wayne as they talk about the research here as Wayne had an opportunity to speak with the lead researcher on this project. The research does not bode well for the future of traditional congregations.

Have a listen. See what you think.